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ACE's Journal
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Below are the 16 most recent journal entries recorded in ACE's LiveJournal:

Thursday, December 31st, 2009
4:05 am
Time passing
Yeesh, e'en more time passed by this time. That being said I've posted some more thoughts... I'm ALOT calmer then I was then, yet I 'suppose I'm still as intense as was so aptly put by Shay earlier. I think that she features prominently in my posts here in general, which betrays something that I didn't see fully at the time. To note I've been a Lance Corporal for quite a while now, things have changed quite a bit. I hope it's pretty clear why Shay has appeared so oft' in my posts about now - where my focus has been in the past (and still is, it seems... heh). Anyhow I've rambled enough for today... the last day of 2009.

Good luck in your endeavors who ever may choose to read this, and may (as always) you not require it.


Current Mood: cheerful
Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008
10:45 pm
Monday, April 23rd, 2007
1:02 am
More than a year later...
Seems I don't come here very often, but that's not necessarily a bad thing - gives me a chance to see how much my voice changes over time.  I'm still amazed looking back at how immature I was back in high school and yet how people still hung around me... but now I've grown in maturity and I've lost a few of my old friends including my dearest one (mm a long story, one that I'm not gonna divulge in a public forum yet, even if no one knows me here...).  All I need to say is that it's amazing to me what costs I've suffered because of my love and arrogance. 

Well, as for what's new, I'm a PFC in the United States Marine Corps Reserves... I've grown greatly but I've also cost myself a lot - how better to grow?

I'll come back to this later, thanks for reading whoever perused this!

Current Mood: determined
Wednesday, March 1st, 2006
7:27 am
Saturday, March 22nd, 2003
3:00 pm
1:32 pm
Time passes again and I find it my time to post... All-in-all life has tried to stomp on me again. I shall never fall to you! You oh demon of the heart, the mind, and the soul! Okay, so I am going to far you say? Well humanity is soon to fall, and I might as well find fun it what I can, I might as well clean my soul from this refuse before it finally goes down. Look at this place, the war, the future (and thus the children). Shay and my conflicts are done, and so be I intense... so be it.. it is the better way to live life fully. I will live, and die. It seems to me that humanity is trying to be helpful and all it does is kill itself, it is no longer pure. What needs to be done is what is about to happen. The majority of the human race will not survive. I feel we have stumbled into another world war. All of the conditions are right for it, the majority of people hate the United States of America. We are doomed, so be it.. let's get on with it already. We must learn to live with one another, and because we have not we will fall to a grim fate.
Best of Luck to all of you, may you not need it.
-Andrew Charles Edward Wilson, also known as ACE.

Current Mood: distressed
Tuesday, December 10th, 2002
11:19 pm
Quizes can be fun, but too much is too much. Today I had to take three quizes, all within shortend periods. An easy feat, for me at least, but how the others suffer. It sickens me. An then their is Shay...as always more encounters...so I have decided to go nuetral...no more strifing...just no more. Stepping away is not cowardice....it takes the braver one to walk away. Well then I, once more, know the way again. I shall not let myself fall to my lack of thought and I will survive. It is only a test of my ability to survive.

Best of luck to the world.

Current Mood: satisfied
Thursday, November 21st, 2002
9:15 pm
Whee Stuff of Quizishness
*red mage*

a master of both black and white magic

perfectionist; dashing; imaginative
[Final Fantasy Tactics Job Class]


a bow-master in tune with nature.

focussed; quiet; unobtrusive
[Final Fantasy Job Class]

[Final Fantasy Tactics Quiz]
7:17 pm
Ya' know what? I simply do not give a damn about what Shay thinks, or does anymore. I am tired of worrying about what to say or do to her. I will however apologize preemptively about the pain I think I might cause. Though if I continue worrying about her and her little...annoyance...I know I might go over the edge. I cannot truly live with the stress I suffer from her, and her ilk. Earlier we had an....encounter....it was shall it be said of 'unpleasant'. She was screwing around with a stapler...one from the class room that we where residing in for the general purpose card game club by the name of Duel Arena...and she was shooting it at people...I told her to stop because it wasn't ours to mess around with. She then shot one at me...so I responded by moving to take it away from her. She got angry, albeit rightfully so, about me trying to remove it from her physically. I just didn't believe that she was acting so damned immature. I mean she is 17 years of age, she should be knowledgeable about that type of thing. The entire don't mess around with other peoples stuff. So then that is all settled, then Josh the moronic fool starts messing with him. Now he is a wannabe bully, so I just said stop, he threatened me...then I retorted with standing firmer...then he recalled that I could kill/hurt him easily. Not that I would if I didn't have to. Then he put it down/away...and that was the end of his stupidity. I then had to control my little brother from doing so. No problem from him. And irritating time, that served my purposes.

Current Mood: amused
Wednesday, October 30th, 2002
10:26 pm
What am I that wishes for the touch of change. I mean I wish to have control but I also want to just have peace and anarchy. Well my life goes spiraling downward. I notice Shay does not have me linked as a friend...or so I see...well oh well...I am losing it faster and faster....my mind is festering like the week old corpse....and my movements of the mind equal pain. Well not hating my life I am not enjoying it either. How much longer until I regain the control I had of self, the knowledge, and the power...well I will be empowered if I end up surviving this...which I will.

Once more best of luck...I wonder if anyone reads this...oh well...I am ending up being optimistic for I know that this is only a small period of time.

Current Mood: optimistic
Tuesday, October 29th, 2002
11:33 pm
Wow I do not know how to deal with Shay what so ever. I mean I can try my damnedest to keep the peace as it were. But I am breaking at the seams it seems. An one may wonder whether or not this is slightly planted. In a way, yes it is. In another I need to let it be known to her at least. Sadly my path is undecided, at least to my conscious knowledge... and then there is my father...I just won't get started there. He is losing it, his mind is passing away and he is no longer the man I used to call Dad. The days past, how so I miss them. Though I cannot yearn for them enough to put the future behind me. I know the future will end up with better. An Shay...hope is not a whore.
Well best of luck, and life, even to my adversaries.

Current Mood: optimistic
Monday, July 8th, 2002
7:53 pm
This was private...but no longer shall be it
Shay is getting on my nerves! Item after item after item passes by as she continues to irritate me...I do not know what is the problem, though it could be the tension of thoughts with us...involving Santo and such...but I cannot let her truly know the full extent of my annoyance, for, if she were to do so...I would find the results regrettable.I feel she had grievanced me as follows:

Unwilling to work as a team -the primary problem though the thing is that the one point may have been my fault I cannot let her force me into doing things that I do not wish to do.

The incessant/annoying "reminders" of pronunciation...you know where she can stick that shit...-to many times...I try to explain it by accents and ways taught and she gives me the BS involving the pronuciation not being proper and her anger at me of me not saying that she was right (by no means exact words).

Alas Shay also whines alot...though don't we all.

ETC. -I will give her the fact that more oft then not she is right but it is her tone that is the problem.

Ahhh....well for now I have vented out...but I will return.

Current Mood: angry
Wednesday, June 19th, 2002
11:47 pm
Well... as is apparent I have not updated in awhile and thus as it is due...I shall. Time presses on and I am in summer school (my own choice) and just took the constitution test...which was fun. We were allotted something around 50 minutes, I finished it in much less then that. I mean that it was well, just fun. Friday I will be going on a camping trip with my church, to bad Steve can't come...stupid.....#@$@#@#$...parents of his...well either way he can not so.

"A bon-fire is not a bon-fire if you cannot see it from space" -A random commercial

Current Mood: annoyed
Monday, June 3rd, 2002
9:31 am
Well as it is my life goes...and goes...and goes...well yesterday (or technically today seeing as the even transpired at about midnight) my brother and I were playing a game he had rented. My father comes out and tells us to stop playing and I say, "Let us do just one thing." and then midnight rolls around and he comes storming back out and screaming...I mean he has the right to worry and such but the thing is that it is my life my sleeplessness that is involved not his. So I try to calm him down and stuff but he continues yelling, the only thing that caused me to go to sleep was my brother not wishing to play anymore. I don't know what I should do...is it fight or is it flee. Only time will tell... the question is when is that time. I pray all will end up well with this thing with my father.

Current Mood: frustrated
Tuesday, May 28th, 2002
11:05 pm
I am me as normal...of course this is true...but the question is what am I, or rather who am I. I know I am not the random guy that I have passed in the halls. I know they are not my friends but they are those who I have encountered. The question at hand though is what makes a person themselves...is it I think therefore I am...or I am therefore I think. All of this is just random ponderings of the maddened mind...my mind. Though a question that goes with that is what determines what maddness is or what insanity is...well either way I am just wasting my time so... either way I am still worried between Shay and myself...simply the worry between me destroying Shay and Santo's realitionship...but it seems unshakable to an emmense degree... let it stay that way...and may I not meddle with that I should not touch. Truly I must learn of myself before I delve to that which is of the others.

I am me...or am I.

Current Mood: weird
Monday, May 27th, 2002
7:30 pm
Well this being my first journal entry, I'd tend to think it is best to introduce myself. As I said, I simply am myself, aside from that I am a strong individualist and look to the fact that everything can be a learning experience. I am also what one should term "hacker" and "anarchist"-hacker meaning one who knows computers pretty well and anarchist believing that people can control one another and not cause chaos. Another thing, anarchy is not chaos. That is just one of those things that pisses me off.

My merits include that stated above as well as the many friends I have, and I believe I am beginning to develop psychic talents (which is always fun). Well that seems to be the limit of my merits...or maybe I just (subconciously or otherwise) choose not to say or remember them.

I must admit that I am not the best person at writing, this is because of the fact that I think more than I write, this includes my neglect of grammar and spelling. Along with these flaws are many others which must eventually be ironed out.
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